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Sunday, May 13, 2018


Here is a testimony we just received from one of our customers: "I'm a 29 year old female who has struggled with depressive and anxious symptoms, as well as afternoon slump headaches and constant sugar cravings. After less than a week of taking CBD oil, the symptoms I've had have gone away. I feel calm and my vitality has improved. Thank you! I intend on continuing to take CBD oil and am looking forward to improving my health and well-being."

I was skeptical about taking this product at first, but I can now see that it does help to keep pain under control. I recently twisted my back, and due to my age and previous lower back experiences, I knew that it normally would have taken at least a couple of weeks for walking to become tolerable again. I took a few drops of CBD oil for 4 consecutive days, and the pain was just about all gone by the time the week ended! I also get occasional migraines from sinus/allergy issues, and this product has made sleeping through these issues a lot easier.

We are not saying that this is a miracle, "cure-all" product. It does have its beneficial ingredients though; in other words, cannabinoids that are vital for your immune and central nervous system. The one matter that is scaring people away is that the product itself isn't FDA approved, but yet the ingredients and/or the amount of the ingredients ARE NOT ILLEGAL TO SELL. Medical professionals and the World Health Organization have nothing but positive things to say about CBD oil. The scientific testing facilities are FDA approved. Natural is the way to go; why subject your body to potential organ damage and sudden increases/decreases in blood pressure?

This industry is about to explode and hit the mainstream. Click on our Free Tour image and learn more about the products!

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Welcome to The Pursuit Of Hempiness! I'm Gilbert Matthews, and along with my wife Michelle, we hope to educate people on the health benefits of some 100% legal products we promote through our affiliation with Hempworx. Hempworx is a young, but highly talked about marketing company out of Las Vegas that is a division of MyDailyChoice.

Michelle and I have come to a point in our lives where we can no longer depend on some outside employers to keep us going. I do government work through answering telephones, but it's hidden through an outside contractor; this means that I would have to work for free if I want health insurance and raises are virtually non-existent. There are still all kinds of checks and balances in place; I have to use various codes and buttons if I want to take a bathroom break or participate in a team meeting for 10 minutes. I run a couple of internet oldies radio stations, but they will always be hobbies; royalties make it impossible to make money and very few people are willing to donate for an eclectic, well thought out mix of programming. Michelle loves being a licensed massage therapist, but she's not getting any younger; aches and pains and upcoming required 4 hour blocks of availability are making it harder to stay in that business.

So during this past winter, Michelle introduced me to Hempworx. For just a very small, one-time fee, we became affiliates and have begun taking the bull by the horns. CBD oil products are becoming increasingly popular; the world market is forecast to be in the BILLIONS in just a couple of years from now! And unlike most multilevel marketing firms, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to come aboard and if you don't like the products, then there is a money back guarantee! There is really nothing to lose and we're impressed on how quickly our team is building!

This is where a certain Pink Floyd song comes into play. It is clearly a battle between Us And Them. There are some stumbling blocks when marketing these products, primarily due to a scared society. The FDA hasn't approved CBD oil yet, and I suspect it's because they don't want to see pharmaceutical companies go out of business. And yet The World Health Organization now acknowledges CBD oil as a health supplement, not as a controlled substance. Try running a Facebook ad, a Google ad, or a Youtube video about hemp and/or CBD oil, and the door gets slammed in your face.

Let's clear something right out of the gate: you cannot get high from these products! They have less than 0.3% THC in them, which is below the legal limit. Hempworx now even has a line of oils that are totally THC free, which means no more worrying about the results of an employment drug screening. There are no synthetics or artificial ingredients in them and they use the entire hemp seed plant; this is the plant that is full of cannabinoids, which is what your body needs to help keep your immune system in check.

If you're like us and are tired of being another brick in the wall, then click on the "Take Our Free Tour" sidebar image and take a look at the company and its products. I can also be messaged through our blog's nifty chat widget that I use on my radio station pages.

Next time, we will talk about what has happened with our health after taking a few drops of their CBD oil every day. There will more than likely be a video to look forward to also so you can see that we're for real!


Here is a testimony we just received from one of our customers: "I'm a 29 year old female who has struggled with depressive and anx...